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During the vision, deceased relatives would appear to the dying person to offer support, guidance and assistance as death drew near. While scientifically investigating this phenomenon they also discovered that these departing visions have been reported by the dying for centuries. Even President Abraham Lincoln had a death bed vision, just before his own assassination. When DBVs are reported, Hospice workers and healthcare providers are often confronted with a number of questions from confused family members, such as "What about wishful thinking, related to a fear of death? Maybe my loved one is imagining all of this.

Carla Wills Brandon

Thousands of nurses and doctors were interviewed and asked what they had witnessed as death drew near. DBVs were often reported. Except for a few religious differences, the DBVs of both cultures were incredibly similar. The consistency of the experiences between those dying in America and those in India has guided me to believe there is more to the DBV experience than wishful thinking. Hospice workers and healthcare providers are also often asked, "How about medication? Medications can certainly induce hallucinations.

Those who are on medications have also shared visions similar to those who are not on medications. Finally, well, alert, sober family members and friends of the dying have had DBVs. Along with this, Hospice workers and healthcare providers have also reported DBV experiences. Are the DBVs of family members, friends and healthcare professionals similar to those of the dying? Interestingly yes!

Deathbed Visions with Stafford Betty

These individuals can also receive visitations from deceased relatives in some cases they too were not aware the dying person was actually preparing to pass angels or religious figures. Like the dying, dreams of "heaven" or communication with other worldly figures have been reported by those attending the dying. In many situations, loved ones of the dying will have a visitation from the person who is passing at the moment of death.

In other words, a loved one at home, may be awakened from a deep sleep by a feeling, knowing that passing has occurred or even by a vision of the dying person who is at the hospital or in another location. Many of these individuals then receive a phone call minutes later confirming death. In many cases, bereaved individuals will come to me and say, "I had a rather strange experience just before Uncle Joe passed," or "While Mom was dying, she started talking to all of the dead relatives as if they were right there, in the room with her!

My sharing of my experiences and of those I have collected, allows these individuals to feel "normal" about their experiences. These individuals usually walk away from my office feeling very relieved to have found someone who understands. For those who are dying, DBV information offers them comfort, validates any visions they might have had or may have in the future, and it lessons the fear of death.

With individuals seeking answers to questions about death, DBV information often times propels them into resolving their own issues around dying. Why did you decide to write?

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This is my 8th and most important book to date because it is so personal. My son experienced a DBV when his grandfather died. I too had a DBV when my own mother passed. Over the last 20 years I have heard countless accounts of DBVs from not only the dying, but from those who love them. With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability.

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Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Death is one of life's greatest mysteries.

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Complete with the author's own encounters and those of over forty other DBV experiencers, this revolutionary work provides research information from the early twentieth century through the present. Included are: survivors' detailed accounts of their departed loved one's visions and final words; the survivors' mystical experiences and premonitions preceding a loved one's passing; accounts of seeing the soul leave the body; and after-death communications.

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These final words and visions from the dying provide a poignant, final farewell hug to loved ones, offering peace of mind and hope for an eventual reunion. After finishing this fascinating book, readers will come away with a better understanding and acceptance of the process of death and see it as a spiritual adventure, not a sad and fearful ending to life. OverDrive uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience, monitor our performance, and understand overall usage trends for OverDrive services including OverDrive websites and apps.

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