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The Women in the Castle, by Jessica Shatluck.

Eliot George°

A Ruined House, by Ruby Namdar, transl. The reader travels inside the head of a New York intellectual whose life is coming apart, who now experiences visions from the time of The Second Temple reaching its fiery end. The Terrorist, by Anastasia Goodman, The novel asks whether CIA use of enhanced interrogation is warranted and asks about Jewish repatriation to Central Europe. Sisters of the Winter Wood, by Rena Rossner, The Yid, a novel by Paul Goldberg, The Bread Givers, by Anzia Yezierska , first published in , new edition A novel about the struggles of young Jewish immigrant women on the Lower East Side and their efforts to adapt to the freedom of American life.

Kaaterskill Falls, by Allegra Goodman, Esther M. Moe Berg was a catcher who played on several major league baseball teams through Educated at Princeton and the Sorbonne, he was multi-lingual and went on to become a spy for the CIA and the Allies in Europe during World War II, in a story that is both a historical and psychological thriller. The Beautiful Possible, debut novel by Amy Gottlieb, Spanning 70 years, the story follows a postwar love triangle between an American rabbi, his wife, and a German-Jewish refugee.

WL Reads featured her next novel, Waking Lions, in Daniel Deronda, by George Eliot, first published in Set in the contemporary Victorian society of her day, was her final novel. Widely available.

Introduction: Jewish Myth, Mysticism and George Eliot’s Fiction | SpringerLink

Yiddish women writers from the s to s. Pulitzer Prize winner and bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of post-World War II. Not specifically a Jewish story.

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The Golem and the Jinni, by Helene Wecker, A woman golem meets her Muslim male counterpart. The Archive Thief, by Dr. Did he save the documents or did he steal them?

Winner of Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish writing. David and the Philistine Woman by Paul Boorstin, Paraphrased from Jewish Book Council review. Sarna, But Lincoln respected and appointed Jews to public positions and sought them as advisers. Retelling of the story of Esther from viewpoint of her being a more proactive heroine than as depicted in the Megillah. Wisse, and An academic searches the world and history for Jewish humor mostly male and explores the role of humor in life.

George Eliot, Judaism and the Novels

All rights reserved. Book Corner Updated February ! In this Section But precisely because I felt that the usual attitude of Christians towards Jews is—I hardly know whether to say more impious or more stupid, when viewed in the light of their professed principles, I therefore felt urged to treat Jews with such sympathy and understanding as my nature and knowledge could attain to. Moreover, not only towards the Jews, but towards all Oriental peoples with whom we English come in contact, a spirit of arrogance and contemptuous dictatorialness is observable which has become a national disgrace to us.

i. religion, philosophy and literature

But towards the Hebrews we western people, who have been reared in Christianity, have a peculiar debt, and, whether we acknowledge it or not, a peculiar thoroughness of fellowship in religious and moral sentiment. What shall I say unto them? Allah illah allah!

Eliot George°

Of course, owing to the lack of sufficient information, we can only speculate in this case. She never wrote a word about Mohammed as Deutsch and others among her friends and peers courageously did despite the hostile mood in England at the time. Lewes had written a biography of Goethe and a history of philosophy including a whole chapter on Muslim philosophers. Eliot had also translated major works by Strauss, Feuerbach and Spinoza and, like Lewes, was very much interested in German culture and the Eastern influence it was exposed to in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

And he seems to have done this with great delight, as the content of his lecture shocked many Christians.

George Eliot, Judaism and the Novels

I gave them to know that. Davis who visited North African countries like Tunisia in the early s, and described local native culture from a prejudiced colonial perspective. One of these anecdotes related by Davis is about the eclipse of the moon in Tunis. Superstition sharpened or deceived the eyes of beholders in all parts of the country.

The London Jacobites hailed this Aurora as a message from Heaven to cheer them after the depression caused by the execution of the sentence on the Jacobite leaders … but men of both parties [Whigs and Tories] whose eyes were made the fools of other senses, agreed in seeing in the field of the sky armies fiercely engaged, giants flying through ether with bright flaming swords, and fire-breathing dragons flaring from swift and wrathful comets.

They swore they heard the report of guns; they were quite sure they smelt powder. More than that, we have a vivid street description of the astronomical phenomenon by Lady Cowper:. First appeared a black cloud, from whence smoke and light issued forth at once, on every side, and then the cloud opened and there was a great body of pale fire, that rolled up and down and sent forth all sorts of colours … I could hardly make my Chairmen come home with me, they were so frightened, and I was forced to let my glass down and preach to them as I went along, to comfort them!

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All the People were drawn out into the Streets, which were so full One could hardly pass, and all frightened to Death. Railroads, steam, and electricity, and the indubitable wonders which they have wrought, have not proved powerful enough to supersede and destroy that strong innate love of the supernatural which seems implanted in the human mind. Thousands of people in Europe and America are turning tables, and obstinately refusing to believe that physical and mechanical means are in any way connected in the process.