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Under The Skin: The Pain of Art House Films

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Partly because of this, as well, the premise fails to grab the interest of the reader or to create any drama; all of this comes out by the middle of the book, causing the second half of the novel to plod along without really going anywhere. The scenes with Isserly talking to the hitchhikers are the best in the novel: each one does build up some drama as we sympathise with the humans who might lose their life. Each one also includes a short section from the humans about how they view Isserly, which serves to characterise them very well, as well as giving some character to Isserly, showing how she presents herself to others in the course of their job.

Under Their Skin, Book 1 Book Review

However, even taking out the problems with the main premise, the book falls flat on a few points. None of the characters are very well fleshed-out; Isserly in particular is never explored in much depth, leaving much of her personality a mystery to the reader. Isserly goes through no appreciable character growth, meaning the reader is denied seeing how her experiences change and affect her. The ending leaves on a rather low note that does nothing to resolve the books main plot, what little there is.

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With no resolution and nothing to tie it together, the book ends up reading as a collection of scenes and events related to each other, but failing to tell any sort of story. The day after finishing the book, I had already nearly forgotten it, and for all the staying power it had, I might as well not have read anything at all. Your email address will not be published. Email Newsletter.

In the Castle of My Skin

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Under The Skin by Michel Faber review – flesh-creeping

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